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HS Fiberglass was started over 18 years ago with the aim to design, manufacture and install fireberglass products using top quality materials. Our products range from standard fiberglass products such as water tanks, shower tubs/trays, sheets, dust bins, boxes, planters to especial ordered custom prducts like shades, canopies, portable cabins and rooms and any kind of custom products for residential, commercial, institutional and indstrial uses.


We are producing top quality products in fiberglass industry and supplying to our valued customers all over Pakistan. Our showrooms are located in both major markets (Gulshan-e-Iqbal near Bait-ul-Mukarram Masjid and in city's oldest fiberglass wholesale market located in Lea Market area)  of Karachi.


With our extensive history and experience in fiberglass idustry, we guarantee that our products and projects will exceed your expectation. Large number of new clients are referred to us by our existing clients which is a poof of our products' quality, our dedication and after sales service to our customer for our prodcuts and projects.


Our facilities are staffed with experienced and well trained work force who understand the steps and process of desinging, productions and installation of our products according to our quality standards for delivering a best quality service to our customers.


We have full expertise, technical knowledge, capacity and resources to deliver products and projects of all sizes (small, medium, large and extra large) to residential, commercial, institutional and industrial private and government clients.


Please contact us today by email, phone or visit our showrooms to discuss your requirements for products or projects to get a written quotation.

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